Dear Sirs,

Assistance provider to the maritme industry, SOGEMCO INTERNATIONAL has its registered office in Abidjan, one of the most important ports in west Africa.

Our expérienced team of bilingual and legal advisors secialized in maritime law, is ready to assist P&I Associations and Members providing various and useful services.

Our services :


As legal advisors, we assist our clients finding solutions to problems and claims which could arise in connection with carriage of goods by sea

A - Handling claims for cargo damage and loss

  • Out of court settlement - Prior to commencement of court proceedure, we consider the merits the claim,and if possible, we offer amicable settlement to claimants, in order to save time and money.
  • Court claims - In case sea carriers' interests should be defended before courts, we recommend to appoint a competent lawyer whom we deliver observations to in order to help the latter to prepare defence arguments, as in fact most of local lawyers are not familiar with maritime law.

We also report on evolution of court proceedings.

B - Assistance with lift of arrest of vessels - Very often vessel are not allowed to sail after completion of their commercial operations at the port.

Actually vessels are arrested following notice of arrest served by cargo interests of by any other party who is claiming for payment or security. In such cases, our assistance is to appoint a competent lawyer to obtain lift of arrest of vessel, or to assist in security arrangements.

C - Assistance in issuing of letters of guarantee - It well known that after completion of cargo discharge operations, vessel's departure could be delayed until security is put in place in favour of either cargo interests (owners or insurers)or vessel's agents. Whist cargo interests are claiming for LOG to cover cargo claim for shortage and loss, vessel's agents on their side are requesting security to cover payment of customs fine, which claims are communplace here in our ports.

Following our clients' instructions we get into negotiations with claimants to bring same to drop their requests, or to accept a CLOG instead of a bank guarantee which takes time to be put in place.

We also discuss the terms of the LOG, following the instructions of the P&I Clubs.

D - Assistance in case of customs fine - When customs official report is available, we can contact customs authorities to reduce the amont of the fine, in case of huge amounts of fine.


II - Crew and non crew assistance

A - Assistance to crewmembers - We have experienced workers to deal with crew problems, illness or injury, monitoring hospitalization, and possible repatriation after recovery from injury or sickness. We have also the necessary experience to arrange for repatriation of deceased body.

B - Stowaways matter - We can assist P&I Associations and members in arranging for disembarkation and repatriation of stowaways. We have the necessary experienced to find out accurate identity of stowaways, and arrange for the necessary steps with a view of repatriation.


III - other assistances

A - Arranging for maritime surveys - We have good cooperation with some competent/independent survey companies from which we could obtain competitive costs/quotations for cargo pre-discharge survey, tally/survey, draft surveys, cargo pre-loading survey, H&M survey, On/Off hire surveys, stuffing/unstuffing of containers, attendance of ships repair works at Abidjan shipyard etc.... For sake of efficient control of work performed by the surveyors, and also in order to obtain very competitive costs/quotations for survey, SOGEMCO INTERNATIONAL, a plury-disciplinary firm, has a competent survey department.

B - Checking of invoices - Before sending you any invoice issued by a third party (lawyers, surveyors, hospital etc..)for payment, we shall check said invoice on the light of the local standards, and if possible, require the necessary corrections.

Our experienced and high professional team would be pleased to your reliable correspondent for cost effective works. Our main wish remains to be your "everyday partner", and look forward to hearing from you.


Our contact details as follows:

Phone: +225 21 35 81 47 / Fax: +225 21 35 81 49

PIC Capt. LOUA Mob. +225 59 33 70 07 / 01 39 19 78 / 77 65 90 76

E-mail : p&i@sogemcointer-ci.com


Notre expertise est l'une des meilleures en Cote d'Ivoire et dans Afrique de l'ouest...